Current Champion



2022 was an amazing year and ushered in the return of the Marlene Dowdle Memorial Tournament. I reached out to our new Champion Melinda Drake who had a great overall time of 1.31.97 so that we can get to know 2022’s Champ:

I started working for Diana’s Oyster Bar 13 years, but only really started shucking in the last 4 years. Seafood is in my blood. My father was a true Newfoundlander, I’ve grown up with a passion for all aspects of seafood and sea life. I only started competing this year but at the Ontario Oyster Festival in July I was the fastest off the table with 18 oysters in a minute and 37 seconds. in Tyne Valley in August I was 9th over all.

Then this one of course, The Marlene Memorial 2nd fastest over all with 56 seconds 12 oysters earning 5th place overall.

Thank you again to the Dowdle family for this female competition!