Opel started her oyster shucking journey from Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill. Her mentor Phil Ho, a reputable fast shucker shared his extensive knowledge of oysters from species to taste profile, oyster anatomy to wine pairing, environmental impact of oyster and fast shucking techniques. The book “Consider the Oyster” by Champion Shucker Patrick McMurray inspired Opel to explore “the Merrior” of Oysters where subsequent road trips to visit oyster farms were planned and the experiences enhanced endless passionate conversations. Strangers become good friends for the love of oysters. Opel attended Bytown Oyster Shucking Competition, Rodney’s Ontario Shucking Competitions, Boston Seafood Festival shucking competition, The Céilí Cottage St Patrick’s Day Shucking Competitions, and Raspberry Point International Oyster Shucking Competition. Opel enjoys traveling, good food, hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, snowboarding, reading and good conversations. Skydiving from 12,000 feet has made Opel courageous and positive. It is an honour to be the Marlene Dowdle Memorial 2019 Fastest Shucker. Tremendous gratitude to the Dowdle Family to raise awareness and recognize female in the oyster industry in memory of Marlene. Marlene will continue to inspire and encourage! May the oyster industry thrive! Eat Oysters, fight climate change!