The first year of the Marlene Dowdle Memorial Tournament has come and gone. Looking forward to many years more! Photos I was able to take this year are a bit sparse. (Looking to get more photos set up next time.) Enjoy!

Jen Bolton from Oyster Boy!

Sue Chambers also from Oyster Boy! (Who says big things don’t come in small packages?)

Chef Lynne Crawford shucked this year against…

Francine Hughes! (The mother of Chef Chuck Hughes)

Phyllis Carr came out of shucking retirement to participate in the tournament!


Britteny Dowdle shown here holding the trophy. Winners will have their names and the year they won added to the trophy.


Chef Chuck Hughes and our 2017 winner Melissa Somers holding the trophy and the keeper companion piece.


Our winners for this year are Melissa Somers with the fastest time and Coreen Pickering with the cleanest plate.